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New Students

Enrolling a new student at South Kitsap High School

To enroll your student at South Kitsap High School:

  1. Please click here to start with Pre-Registration.
  2. When you complete Pre-Registration, an enrollment specialist is notified.
  3. You will need to provide the following documents from the previous school:
    • Unofficial transcript
    • Withdrawal form
    • Standardized/State test scores
    • Discipline, attendance, and health records
    • Additional services received (Special Education/IEP, 504 plan, speech)

If you do not have your student's previous school records, please call 360-874-5627. We would be happy to request those documents from the school.

4. Once we receive your pre-registration and all documents from the previous school, we will contact you to schedule the enrollment appointment with your student's counselor.
5. The following supplemental forms are due at time of enrollment appointment:

*Please read "Rights and Responsibilities " before signing.

Additional forms:

Please try to arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to review your documents, and ensure all information is accurate in our system. Then, the student and parent will meet with a counselor to determine classes based on transcripts and past student records. After you meet with the counselor, we will provide the student a copy of the class schedule and a tour of the school. The student will be able to find classrooms and visit places like the bookroom for their I.D. card photo and books. At this time, students may sign up for a locker assignment, and get a bus pass and route information if they will be riding the bus to and from school.


Please call the Student Records Specialist to start the enrollment process or for other Counseling Office services.

Counseling Office Front Desk 360-874-5627

Student Records Specialist: 360-874-5629

South Kitsap High School is currently at capacity; we cannot accept new students that live outside our district boundaries.  If a non-resident student has already been attending SKSD schools, a Choice Transfer Form must be completed and forwarded from the resident school to be approved by SKSD EVERY YEAR. Please note that approval may be rescinded due to poor attendance, grades, or behavior, and chronic tardiness, expulsions, or suspensions.