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We are the South Kitsap High School Wolf Battalion. We are a student-ran class and program that instills values of discipline, teamwork, cooperation, and honesty. The program accepts all students in grades 9-12. This program has student leadership positions in our Platoons, Departments, and Teams. We also offer a multitude of student community service opportunities; earning them medals, ribbons, and certificates that can impact your career, making your resume stand out amongst others.

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  • Education Services/Distance Learning: Hub for distance learning packets and promotion requirements.
  • Gallery: Main page for all of the battalion's images and photos.
  • Cadets Hub: See all the battalion operations calendar, view announcements made by the Naval Science Instructors, see general knowledge, and visit team pages.

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Battalion Leadership

The student leadership, commonly called the Top 4, are the ones who run the entire program. They control promotions, events, and more.

The Battalion Commander has the most power over all other cadets. The Lieutenant Commander helps the Commander, the Senior Enlisted Advisor oversees enlisted cadets, and the Operations Officer controls the four departments and eight teams the Battalion has to offer.


Battalion Commander

C/Commander Sydney Kinas


Battalion Executive Officer

C/Lieutenant Commander Arianna Appleby


Senior Enlisted Advisor

C/Master Chief Petty Officer Wyatt Jean


Operations Officer

C/Lieutenant Jenna Peterson


Each department within our Battalion has a special function and use -- usually helping to oversee teams, coordinate events or promotions, or take charge in a specific field of the Battalion's goals.


Our Battalion offers a variety of eight teams, each student ran with a Commanding Officer (CO) and Executive Officer (XO). Teams compete at drill meets, learn to work together, and build friendships that last beyond highschool.

Unarmed Drill

Maintain your uniform, compete in drill teams and competitions, and win medals, ribbons, and more!

Visit Team Page

Armed Drill

Learn how to spin rifles, perform at drill meets, and more!


Learn the ways of the Colorguard tradition and present the colors at highschool games and special events around the state.


Compete against others using your knowledge of the world to earn medals and ribbons.


Visit Team Page

graduate looking at sunset


Shoot at targets for practice and competition using real .22 air rifles. This team prepares cadets for using real guns, including gun safety courses.


Go underway and sail in the Port Orchard Marina with real equipment. The team also takes weekend trips to islands with the sailboat.


Learn to navigate forests and natural landscapes with compasses, landmarks, and other tools.


Stay fit and compete with others to win awards such as ribbons or medals, and make friendships to help you keep getting stronger.


You can contact any of the leadership personnel from the Battalion if you have any questions, concerns, or general inquires.

Commander Bedell (SNSI)

Senior Chief Vickers (NSI)

Top 4 Email