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High School & Beyond Plan (Xello)

The High School & Beyond Plan is a state graduation requirement.
The High School and Beyond Plan needs to be completed in order to participate in the graduation commencement ceremony.

South Kitsap High School utilizes a program called Xello (sounds like Zello) to support students in high school and beyond planning. Xello is an online program that helps create a successful future through self-knowledge, exploration, and planning.

Go to  If a logon prompt comes up, use your district student provided logon ID and password (same ID and password used with the PC’s in the library or computer labs).
- Choose the Xello link to open the Xello Dashboard. 
Click HERE to view/print instructions.

You can complete this online from home or in the school career center.
Visit your counselor or the career center if you need help or have questions!

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