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Military, Apprenticeships, and Trade Schools

Military Service

The Armed Services offer students many career and educational opportunities.  When looking into these options, students should explore the wide range of programs available including enlistment opportunities, ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) scholarships, and GI Bill funding for higher education.  For more information, see the SKHS Career Center Coordinator or a military recruiter.  All branches of service have information detailing the programs available on the following websites:

How to apply to a United States Military Academy:

Apply early in your junior year if you plan to attend a U.S. Military Academy. November of your senior year is TOO LATE! ROTC Information Night is usually held in January at Central Kitsap High School. It is recommended students attend their sophomore year to get a head start on gathering necessary information and again their junior year to ask final questions of the recruiters.

For West Point, Air Force Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, & Naval Academy, you must have a nomination to compete for admission.  A nomination is different than an appointment!  You must first compete for a nomination, which allows you to compete for an appointment.

Keep in mind; the competition for these appointments is exceptionally high, similar to that for admission to an Ivy League type university. If applying for an academy appointment, you should also apply for an ROTC scholarship in the same branch of service as a backup plan.

For further information log on to:

ROTC Programs

The Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) gives students the opportunity to earn a college degree, learn and develop leadership skills, and prepare for a career as a military officer. The military is looking for excellent students who have leadership potential. Even if you aren’t awarded a scholarship while you are in high school you can still apply after you start college. Once you get to the campus just visit the ROTC office and inquire about scholarship opportunities. For further information visit:


An Apprenticeship is a system of training where an employee learns while on the job. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard offers apprenticeships in fields such as pipe fitters, electricians, mechanics, welders, and carpenters. In addition to the shipyard there are an additional 255 apprenticeship opportunities in Washington such as meat cutters, cement masons, iron workers, roofers, etc.

Most apprenticeships last from one to five years, depending upon the occupation. Apprentices are paid an hourly wage, along with other benefits which include educational, medical, dental, retirement, and paid vacation.  For more information about apprenticeships, contact the SKHS Career Center or visit the following websites:

Trade Schools

There are several outstanding technical schools within commuting distance of Port Orchard. Clover Park and Bates are located in Tacoma and are among five technical colleges in the state that offer a vast range of courses designed to meet any career interest. Private career schools offer numerous health related programs that are designed to get students into the job market in a relatively short period of time.

Specific career training is available through community colleges like Olympic College. OC offers programs in welding, nursing, electronics, physical therapy assisting, culinary arts, engineering, and numerous other career fields. Everything from career specific certificates to bachelor’s degrees can be earned! Be sure to investigate and compare all schools you are thinking about attending. A very informative website is which can be used to help connect you to the Washington state community or technical college that’s right for you.

Popular career and technical college websites:

  • Clover Park Technical College
  • Bates Technical College        
  • International Air Academy                    
  • Art Institute of Seattle                                                                   
  • Gene Juarez Academy                    

For more information about these or any other post-secondary interests you may have, come to the Career Center.