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Career Pathways

What is a Career Pathway?

A Career Pathway is a planning tool that gives students an opportunity to explore personal and career interests in a systematic way.

  • Pathways are designed to help students develop connections between classroom experience and future educational and career goals.
  • The schools in the West Sound Consortium have identified five Career Pathways.
  • All schools in the West Sound Consortium use the Pathways.
  • This will assist students who may transfer to another school or attend classes at West Sound Technical Skills Center.

Why Select a Career Pathway?

  • Helps students match personal interests and abilities with career fields.
  • Helps students make good decisions when registering for classes.
  • Improves communication skills and academic success.

How do students know which is the right pathway?

South Kitsap High School utilizes a program called Xello (sounds like Zello) to support students in high school and beyond planning. Xello is an online program that helps create a successful future through self-knowledge, exploration, and planning.

  1. Go to  If a logon prompt comes up, use your district student provided logon ID and password (same ID and password used with the PC’s in the library or computer labs).
  2. Choose the Xello link to open the Xello Dashboard. 
  3. Click HERE to view/print instructions. 

Career Pathways