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Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

AP Central Google Site

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Summer Assignments - AP / IB Courses

Are you signed up to take an Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) class at SKHS next school year? Many teachers have provided summer reading lists and assignments to help you get a jump start on your coursework, as well as their contact information in case you have any questions. Check for your class below - and click to access your teacher’s messages!

AP Lang: no summer assignment

AP/IB Lit: read The Poisonwood Bible

AP Human Geography: Click here for 2020-21 summer assignment.
Click here
to redirect to Ms. Hanks teacher page so students can see all the materials posted on her website.

AP European History: AP European History 

AP US History: no summer assignment

AP Gov: no summer assignment

AP Psych: no summer assignment

AP Micro/Macro: no summer assignment

AP Env. Sci:

AP Bio: *summer assignment coming soon*

AP/IB Chem: AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1:  AP-IB Physics 1.pdf

AP Physics 2: AP-IB Physics 2.pdf

AP Calc AB: no summer assignment

AP Calc BC: students should be finding their notes from last year

AP Stats: click HERE for 2020-21 summer assignment

AP Music Theory:

AP Studio Art Drawing: click HERE for 2020-21 summer assignment

AP Comp Sci: no summer assignment

AP Graphics:

AP Seminar: no summer assignment

IB Spanish SL2: no summer assignment, but continue watching telenovelas to hear the Spanish

IB French SL2: no summer assignment

IB Japanese SL2: IB Japanese students have been assigned summer IB homework on their Google Classroom. The assignment is 20 minutes of EP (Education Perfect) to do every weekday for the summer. 

IB HOTA HL2: students should be working on their IA over summer

IB Anthro SL: no summer assignment

IB Bio HL2:

IB Math SL2:

IB Math Studies SL:

IB TOK 2: completed rough draft of Extended Essay is due on the 1st day of school

IB PPS 2: completed rough draft of the Reflective Project is due on the 1st day of school