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School-Wide Test Day SAT, ASVAB or PSAT

SKHS School-Wide Test Day with image of multiple choice bubbles and a pen

Wednesday, October 13 students will be taking either the SAT, ASVAB or PSAT, free of charge, here at South Kitsap High School.  We believe this is a valuable experience for all students no matter what their post-secondary intentions might be. 

For those who might believe this is not a benefit for their plans, keep in mind that the SAT/PSAT identifies strengths and areas for improvement for students before they leave SKHS.  The information gained from these test scores can also be very useful in guidance for career pathways. For students who are considering or are already moving towards college or university plans, the SAT/PSAT is a key component.

All Freshmen will take Science (NGSS) and English (SBAC) exams. 

All students on campus will be testing. Students should arrive to school by 7:45 a.m. if possible, tomorrow is a late start Wednesday and bus riders do not need to make alternate arrangements. 

Students have been given their room assignments already and should report directly to their test location in the morning as soon as they arrive on campus.

What to Bring

  • Two no. 2 pencils with erasers
  • Valid school or government-issued photo I.D.
  • Chromebook (fully charged) 
  • Freshmen need headphones
  • Water bottle and a snack for break time
  • An approved calculator—Any calculator will work as long as it’s not on a phone or computer, doesn’t have access to the internet. Freshmen do NOT need to bring a calculator.

Home mailing address

Valid e-mail address (linked to results notification)

What Not to Bring

  • Any devices, including smartwatches, that can be used to record, transmit, receive, or playback audio, photographic, text, or video content.
  • Protractors, compasses, rulers
  • Highlighters, colored pens, colored pencils.
  • Pamphlets or papers of any kind.
  • Dictionaries or other books, there are no exceptions, even if English is not your first language.

During the Test

You will be allowed to have only these items on your desk:

  • A test book
  • An answer sheet
  • No. 2 pencils with erasers
  • An approved calculator – during one of the math sections only

Turn Off All Electronic Devices

You’ll need to turn off all electronic devices during the test and even during breaks. Electronic devices will be collected and kept in a secure place. This includes cellphones. Be sure to turn off your watch alarm, if you have one.


Test centers are serious about security and quiet, so prohibited devices, which include cellphones, tablets, smart watches and MP3 players, must be turned off and given to the proctor. Better yet: Leave them at home. Important:  REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT!

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