Eating Healthy

Eating Your Way to Being Healthy

We can all face reality together.
 You cannot eat healthy all the time, we as people all know this. But occasionally, time will play a factor against you and you'll have to just stop in at your local fast food, and grab a burger. So try to get a hamburger with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and onions instead of a the favorite double cheeseburger with a side of extra greasy bacon.

Find the right foods.
 If your school or home has more than one thing to select from, select the one that offers the healthiest choices. Try to eat fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and chicken, instead of all of the sweets that your sweet tooth seems to crave. We as coaches know that studying for school can lead to late night snacks as well, but try to keep it to something light and healthy, NOT like what is mentioned in the below section. 

Avoid late night snacks.
 Every athlete will face the following situations at least once during their high school career." It's late in the night, and your buddies decide to order an extra large greasy cheese and pepperoni pizza after a fun night out. Or, you're up late cramming for an test and you need something to tide you over." It's tempting to eat late at night. . trust me I know from my own experiences, .but try to avoid the temptation. When you go to sleep right after eating, your body doesn't get a chance to burn the calories. Instead, it stores the food as fat. If you keep eating the  late night snacks repeatedly you'll find extra pounds creeping up on you, and as a athlete that is not good for you. This is why if you do get caught in a late night snack crave, you should eat something light, with little or no calories, celery or carrots would be a good call.

Muscle is the engine of your body, we as coaches cannot stress that anymore then we already do .Fat is simply one of the fuels it burns. The more muscle  you can build, the more fat you will burn. That does not mean to go out and become a body builder, but become healthy muscular.

There are NO secrets, or.... NO short cuts to being good, it takes time , really it does, no joke, and it is very difficult. But hang in there, don't quit, you will be much better in a couple of weeks, guaranteed, and the improvements will just keep coming! Don't sweat the small stuff, if you don't notice the changes right away, your body is changing, trust us, just look back after a week to two weeks and you will notice the differences. 

The best thing for you to do though,  is honestly, to improve your diet.. Concentrate on not only eating more healthy foods, but less unhealthy foods. Avoid things with any grease in them at all at least two days before a meet, and forget soda!!. The sugar and syrup in it does nothing but hurt you when you  run!! Remember to  Drink plenty of water and keep up on your electrolytes if you're sweating heavily. (A sports drink a day tends to keep the doctors away) Not only does eating have to do with your diet, but sleep should be thrown into the factor too. Sleep as a high school teenager, is hard enough to come by as it is. You really do need the sleep, don't believe your friends when they say they can sleep for a few hours and feel great,  any athlete who wants to succeed in their goals health wise, or even sports wise, needs to get that sleep. It is truly remarkable the difference a person with 5 hours of sleep and a person of 8 hours of sleep gets in the sport of track and field.
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