Team Expectations

SKHS Water Polo – Team Expectations

Practice and Game Expectations

Follow SKSD Athletic code of conduct.

Work hard.  We will have fun, but our goal is to always be improving.  Take it seriously.

Work as a team.  Help each other improve.  Play together, work together, and win together.

Coaches are in charge, listen and follow their directions.

Sportsmanship is expected.  Encourage, support and teach each other.  Negativity towards each other, meanness and backbiting will not be tolerated.  We are a team. 

Before, during and after games, you are expected to represent SKHS with class.  Demonstrate sportsmanship in the pool and on the deck.  No dirty play.  No crabbing at refs.  Complaints and conflicts must be brought to coaches when they happen.

Be properly suited for games in a black water polo suit.  If necessary, under your water polo cap wear a dark swim cap for home games and white for away competitions.

Grades are a priority.  Maintain SKSD/WIAA athletic eligibility.  Failure to do so will result in lost practice and game time, as well as possible removal from the team.

Practice is not optional.  Communicate with coach prior to practice if you cannot attend, including when you are ill.  Absences will only be excused for illness or prearranged appointments.  Appointments, whenever possible, should be made outside of practice and game times.  Parent signed notes will be required, but not guarantee, excusal of an absence.  Absence from and tardiness to practice hurt team development and will have consequences.  See below:


1st tardy – warning

2nd tardy – loss of game time

3rd tardy -  loss of game time and creation of a written plan addressing tardiness.

4th tardy and beyond – loss of one game per tardy


1st unexcused absence – loss of ¼ of game time

2nd unexcused absence – loss of ½ of game time

3rd unexcused absence – loss of one full game

4th unexcused absence – loss of games until a meeting between parents and coaches to determine continued athletic participation in water polo.

To notify Coach Fogel of absences text to 360-731-0415 or email at


Varsity versus Junior Varsity

Since water polo is relatively new to SK there will be no cuts. To determine varsity and junior varsity coaches will evaluate player performance and assign level of play.  Skill level, effort, attendance, sportsmanship and safety will all be considered in determining level of play.  Fluctuation between Varsity and JV is possible.

We will have both varsity and junior varsity squads.  Some players will compete on both squads; however, the decision rests solely with the coaches as to who will play where and when.

There will be an honest attempt to get all players in the pool, but some opposing teams do not have junior varsity squads which will inevitably mean that some players might not get game time in every competition.

Whether you play or not, you are expected to watch and support your team(s) play.

To improve your chances of playing time show the coaches your dedication and hard work.  Spend time out of season working on your game; attend camps, join water polo clubs, workout individually or with teammates, and study the game.


Varsity Letter Requirements

Attend 100% of required practices and games unless absence is excused (see above).

Meet or exceed all team expectations.

Represent SKSD and our team with class.  Sportsmanship, a positive attitude and support of the team and school community are highly valued traits of a Varsity Letterman.

Compete in every varsity game.  There will be no time requirement other than participation in each varsity contest.

Finish the season in good standing with the team, coach and school.

The coaches maintain final say in awarding varsity letters.   

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