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Boys and Girls Water Polo Athletes, there will be a pre-season team meeting with all interested players and their families on Monday, April 19th at 5:30 PM. Attendance is highly encouraged for anyone interested in playing the world’s best sport.

Zoom ID: 568-613-7770 Password: SKHSWAPO  
Season begins May 3!!

Note from Coach Fogel:
Water Polo Athletes and Families,

Long time no see, I hope you are all well. Its been nearly 11 months since we had to shut down girls water polo and I’m glad to finally be able to get some positive news out to you all. The best news is that for those who feel comfortable coming back it looks like we will be able to have a season this year! Let that good news sink in and enjoy it for a minute before reading through the rest of the information below.

OK, here are the details that I know for now, but please keep in mind that everything is in flux and can change at any time. Please read it all carefully:

  • First and foremost, all COVID protocols will be followed. Details will be provided later as they may change as Kitsap County Phase’s change over time.
  • Girls and Boys water polo will both be in action at the same time.
  • Water Polo will play during season 3 which will begin May 10 and go until June 17.
  • There will be a max of 13 games total allowed per team. Games may begin May 15.
  • Most, if not all games will be scheduled on the same date. For example, Boys Varsity plays GH at 4PM @SKHS and then Girls Varsity will play GH at 5:30PM @SKHS
  • A total of 5 practices are required to be eligible for game play.
  • Teams will play in regional rather than divisional games to limit travel.
  • Academic eligibility is still a necessity. See SK Athletics page for more details.
  • All forms, fee’s, permissions will still be required prior to participation… get your physicals and pink slips early, pay your fines, get your grades up, etc.
  • Boys swim is also currently scheduled for season 3. That, combined with a shared boys and girls polo season, will make scheduling for pool time interesting. Be prepared for staggered practice times, including early morning, late night, and/or weekend practices and games.
  • Boys participating in swim will also be allowed to participate in water polo. How that will work I have no idea at this time. We’ll work it out.

Other details that I think will be in place but don’t know for sure are as follows:

  • I plan on coaching both boys and girls teams, hopefully Coach Frank will as well. This won’t be easy or ideal so athletes will need to listen carefully, act quickly, be prompt, organized and attentive. We won’t have the time or ability to lose focus. That sounds less fun that what we’ve experienced in the past, and it may be, but we will make the best of what we have.
  • Because of the shortened and combined boys/girls season it will be imperative that all players be properly conditioned prior to May 10. I will conduct some pre-season conditioning but that will not be sufficient. If you want to play, get yourself into playing condition. Workouts are currently and have always been available on the SKHS team website. I will be happy to provide conditioning suggestions as well.
  • COVID protocols will require attestations and temperature checks. How that will be worked out for polo is yet to be determined.
  • Locker rooms will likely not be available for anything other than toilet use and hand washing. This means athletes will need to arrive at the pool suited and ready to go. I recommend investing in a bathrobe or swim warmups.
  • As usual, the league will only schedule varsity contests, leaving JV games up to coaches to schedule. However, it is possible many teams, including ours, will not have the time or space available to accommodate JV play. I hope to be able to have JV as it gives opportunity for more athletes to participate, and it is our only way to develop players, but it may not be possible this year.
  • With the teams participating at one time, plus the limits on time and space, it may be necessary to implement player cuts this year. I hope not. My philosophy is to give every athlete the opportunity to participate, but circumstances may mean that I have no choice this year.

Obviously, this information is not complete, and many questions will come up and likely remain unanswered for some time. Feel free to send me your questions and I will answer as best I can. For now, the plan is to begin preparing for a short, intense season with lots of rules and restrictions. But, we get to play!


Water Polo Conditioning  

Below is a strength and conditioning program that will help get you prepared for the rigors of water polo.  As with any workout, it is important to warm up and stretch before beginning your work to help prevent injuries.  It is also important to get good rest, stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods.

Before you begin, keep in mind that I am not a strength and conditioning coach, a trained exercise physiologist, or certified trainer.  Begin this program at your own risk.  The exercises listed here are only suggestions, not requirements from your coach.  However, if you do them properly, using good form, and stop if you notice pain or discomfort you should prevent injury to yourself.  If you do experience an injury, be sure to see a doctor.  Be safe and listen to your body.

Day 1

Wide grip, overhand pull-ups


Seated Row


Bench Press w/bar

Incline Press w/bar

Military Press w/bar

Peck Deck/Flys

Russian Twist w/ heavy ball

Leg Raises

Leg Extensions

Day 2

Front Lunges

Side Lunges

Back Lunges


Bench Press w/dumbbell

Incline Press w/dumbbell

Military Press w/dumbbell

Air Bicycle

Tricep Extension


Side Plank

Pushups (Swiss ball pushups for more advanced work) 

Day 3


Calf Raises


Hammer Curl

Front Raise

Lateral Raise

Shoulder Shrugs


Box Jumps

Wall Sits

All exercises should be done in three sets of 10-15 repetitions each. Go light most days, intermixing a day or two per week of heavier weights.  

In addition to weightlifting, it is very important to increase your cardio fitness.  Water Polo is a game that demands endurance coupled with quickness.  The ability to react quickly and maintain a high level of physical output is key to being successful.  

Finish (and/or start) each day with cardio work.  Run, bike or swim to build endurance.  Intermix distance with sprints.  Run stairs.  Play basketball, racquetball, soccer, tennis or any other sport that keeps your heart rate moving. 

More important than anything else… Swim!  Try to put in 3000-5000 yards per day mixing sprints and distance.  Spend time each day perfecting and strengthening your eggbeater.  Eggbeater using weighted belts, holding your hands over your head, keeping your elbows dry, keeping your belly button dry… you get the picture.

Stay healthy and safe!


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