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Field Trips

Field Trip Information & Forms

1. Complete the SKHS Field Trip Request Form  * Submit minimum of 8 weeks prior to trip. 

*NOTE: If overnight or out-of-state travel is involved approval must be received from the DISTRICT OFFICE prior to the date of departure.
Overnight Travel with Students Form
District Office Approval for Overnight or Out of State Travel Form

2. Attach your preliminary student roster to the email when you submit your Field Trip Request form.

3. Make sure the bookkeeper knows if students will be making payments via the ASB office. Also, make sure the bookkeeper has a Request For Purchase (form 68) to pay for any registration/admission fees associated with the trip. 

4. Reserve your transportation.
    Bus requests are made online via Trip Finder  TripFinder-How to Submit a Field Trip Request.pdf
Login Information   
Client ID: skitsap
User Name: district email 
Password: network password
Van or Rental Vehicles are requested by completing a T-15 Vehicle Request Form 
Other transportation tools/forms:
Transportation Cost Estimator/Quick Links

Fill out the WA Ferry school discount authorization letter (PDF 217KB) and be sure you have it with you when you arrive at the terminal.

  • The school group rate is $5 one way and $10 roundtrip per passenger group, plus the applicable vehicle fare of $34.40 round trip per vehicle Bremerton-Seattle as of Jan '23) if driving onto the ferry.
  • Each walk-on group or vehicle needs to have an authorization letter with original signature (no copies).
  • If taking multiple vehicles, each vehicle group is required to pay vehicle fare plus the school group rate.
  • *Advisors/Coaches should bear this in mind and add this cost into their transportation calculations if charging students a fee, and check out the credit card to pay before travelling.  Ferry charges will not be reimbursed after the date of travel
Washington Ferry Advanced Notice & Safety Notification
SKSD Driver's Assurance

5.  Confirm all of your chaperones have background clearance via the school main office.
More information regarding volunteers is available here.

6.  Complete a form 322 - Professional Leave Form if required. *Substitute Request

7.  All students and parents must complete and sign the Student Field Trip Permission Slip prior to the field trip departure.