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Save forms to your device in order to fill and save.  


Fundraising Request

Activity Proposal Form.

Inventory Reconciliation Form




Fundraising Check List

Get organized - check off list.

Parent/Student Acknowledgment 

Accept participation guidelines and responsibility for money and merchandise in fundraising sale.

Charitable Fundraiser Request

Charitable Fundraiser Form.

ASB Funds

Fundraising Best Practices




Monetary Donations

To accompany any check or cash donation.

Materials or Equipment Donations

To accompany any donation that is not cash or check.

Forecast Instructions

How to fill out your budget request.


Our Board policy requires that an authorized purchase order be issued to the vendor prior to any materials or services being obtained or authorized by South Kitsap School District employees. Employees do not have the authority to place an order without providing the vendor an approved purchase order or procurement card at the time the merchandise or services are ordered.


It is important that coaches inventory their teams’ uniforms and equipment at the beginning and end of each season. Please share a copy of this form with both the Athletic Office and the ASB Office at the end of each season.

SKSD Volunteer Form

Application form includes WA State Criminal History background check.

CLICK HERE: for redirect to the Field Trip page on the high school website for all forms and links needed to arrange travel with students.


  1. Field Trip Request Form
  2. Overnight Travel Request
  3. District approval form for overnight or out of state travel
  4. Request for Purchase
  5. Online Bus Request (& Instructions)
  6. District Van Request Form
  7. WA Ferry school discount authorization letter, if you are taking a walk-on group.
  8. District Driver Assurance Form (needs to be completed annually for anyone driving district transportation)
  9. Professional Leave Form (if a substitute is required to cover leave)
  10. Student Permission Slip