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2023 Homecoming

Saturday, October 7

7:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Dances are intended for South Kitsap district students.   Current actively enrolled students may ask permission for one (1) guest to attend the Homecoming Dance, Tolo, and the Senior Prom. The Senior Prom is for SKHS seniors and their guests.  Guests must be at least in 9th grade and be 20 years of age or younger. Guest permission forms are available in the ASB Office and online. A Parent/Guardian signature is required on all guest permission forms, as well as an administrator signature of the sending school if the guest is enrolled in a 9-12 school. All attendees must have no major discipline infractions during the current semester. Students must be in good standing both academically and with attendance. Any alcohol/drug-related involvement, inappropriate dancing or infractions of other school rules at dances will result in school discipline and may involve law enforcement.

Ticket Sale info. 

Homecoming ticket sales begin on September 18th
9/18 through 9/24 - $8 with ASB / $10 without ASB
9?25 through 10/1 - $10 with ASB / $12 without ASB
10/2 through 10/6 (at 3pm) - $12 with ASB / $14 without ASB
Ticket sales end on Friday, October 6th at 3pm – they will not be on the web store beyond that time either.
Buy Tickets ONLINE or from the ASB Office.

Private or Homeschool students who reside in SK school district boundaries must submit aRequest  For Attendance prior to being permitted to purchase tickets. 

All attendees must bring photo I.D. and agree to follow school rules.  


Guest Policy

All guests must have prior authorization to attend by their own school (college or employer) and South Kitsap high school.  A parent/guardian of the SK student must also acknowledge that they take responsibility for any non-SKSD guest attending this event.

All guests must be 20 years old or younger to attend. Photo I.D. is required and proof of date of birth upon request.

Any guest forms must be received in the main office by WEDNESDAY, OCT 4th at 2:15 p.m. - NO EXCEPTIONS. Forms must have a business card attached from the visiting school administrator.

Approved guest ticket may only be purchased by SK student in-person at ASB office.  One guest per SKSD student.

Students – read the form CAREFULLY – there is a firm due date, the form needs be signed by your guest’s administrator and MUST include that administrator’s business card.

An out of district guest would be someone who goes to Peninsula or CK for example. You do not need to have your out of district guest come to the ASB window to buy the guest ticket, the SKHS student will purchase the ticket for their guest.

Discovery & Explorer:

Students from Discovery or Explorer DO NOT need a guest form, they can come to the ASB window AFTER SCHOOL to purchase their own tickets. – We will not sell tickets to parents or students from Explorer/Discovery between 7:25 and 2pm – tickets can be purchased on-line if buying the tickets after school will not work for the student.

Guest forms are due no later than Wednesday, October 4th by 2:15pm – no forms will be accepted or processed beyond that due date.

Download & Print *2023 Homecoming Guest Form

*Forms also available from the ASB office.   

All attendees must bring photo I.D. and agree to follow school rules.