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ASB Student Council

SK’s Associated Student Body (ASB) is here to fundraise, plan and organize a lot of the fun events that happen during the school year. Homecoming, Tolo, Pep Assemblies, Prom, Mx. SK and more...ASB is a leadership class and each grade level votes for their own student council representatives each year. They meet every other Wednesday after school.

2022-23 Representatives

Hannah Oliver

Class of 2023

ASB Class President Serenity Gainey
ASB Class VP vacant
ASB Class Treasurer Savannah Calhoun
ASB Class Secretary Marissa Jackman
ASB Class Senator Isaac Brown
ASB Class Senator Melia Fundanet
ASB Class Senator Makayla Jackson
Trish Tierney

Class of 2023

Senior Class President Gabrielle Coleman
Senior Class VP Han Lin
Senior Class Treasurer Redrick Fowler
Senior Class Secretary Elora Bagcal
Class Senator Ethan Duarte
Class Senator Neveah Wingate
Class Senator Kaida Hollingsworth
Class Senator Jadyn Wanner
Class Senator Colin Gilbert
Class Senator Olivia Ford
Class Senator Preston Collins
Hannah Melcher & Sarah Groesbeck

Class of 2024

Junior Class President Reese Willson
Junior Class VP Hailey Deese
Junior Class Treasurer Madison Cook
Junior Class Secretary Claire Pearson
Class Senator Audrey Ames
Class Senator Madison Scaringella
Class Senator Stone Hartford
Class Senator Ryan Allen
Ashley Kasten & Nick Lyon

Class of 2025

Sophomore Class President Jessica Blackwell
Sophomore Class VP Audrey Jamrowski
Sophomore Class Treasurer Lily Nino
Sophomore Class Secretary Marley Nunes
Class Senator Jhamea Udasco
Class Senator Dannen Oliver
Class Senator Isabel Haglund
Class Senator Greyson Mirano
Class Senator Kiera Murray
Class Senator Gwen Stoddard
Class Senator Rabiya Usman
Michelle Graziani & Andrea McDermott

Class of 2026

Freshman Class President Bella DiBartolomeo
Freshman Class VP Davin Beckwith
Freshman Class Treasurer Kai Zhong
Freshman Class Secretary Vianney Gonzalez
Class Senator Charlie Scott
Class Senator Maddie Dailey